Design and drafting have long been my passion. Throughout High School, the woodwork and technical drawing rooms were the only places I felt at home. So, when the opportunity for a carpentry apprenticeship came up, I jumped at it!

The days were physically demanding, but the rewards of seeing a finished product, were very satisfying. With homes at different stages of construction, I could be digging holes in the mud on Monday, and then crafting high-finish joinery by Friday. Regardless of the task, my attitude was consistently about quality and pride.

These qualities, and attention to detail, ensured the transition from carpenter to builder, was a natural one. While in the building trade, I would often sketch details and in some cases complete house designs. At the time, I didn’t think much of it and enjoyed the problem-solving aspect.

Developing an increasing interest in better home design, I completed my Diploma in Building Design. While I saw most of my classmates struggle, my building trade background linked seamlessly and still does every day. I’m very fortunate to be able to couple my building trade knowledge with building design.

So, why ‘Rusty Hinge’………..well, I often reflect on my carpentry days carrying out maintenance on the old homesteads. I think about the ‘bush carpenter’ that built these homes. The long days, the hard work and the craftsmanship. All this with little more than hand tools but with plenty of pride…..

The connection of the past to the present is important to me. I wanted to pay homage to those who have been the source of my education, motivation and inspiration in my working life. I take great pride in my past and appreciate that it helps me to be the designer I am today.
So, Rusty Hinge Home Design, is a ‘tip of the hat’ – Adam Smith.