first meeting

Where possible, I like to first meet on-site. There is no better way to appreciate the land and see how my clients connect with it, even if it’s a vacant block. Every building and its occupants have unique needs to achieve the best outcome. Together, we will discuss your ideas and consider some options for the site.

site survey

If this is a vacant lot, I will put you in contact with Qualified Surveyors to carry out a site survey (should take 3 weeks). This will allow me to begin the design process with a true north direction, confirmed ground heights, boundary dimensions, and any other notable items on the site.

Questionnaire & fee proposal

The site meeting will give us all a good ‘snapshot’ of what is needed in the design. I’ll provide you with a questionnaire and arrange a fee proposal for your review.

concept design

A concept design will be prepared for you to consider. Usually, this will consist of floor plans, elevations, and perspective views. This is where I encourage you to grab a pen and point out anything at all. Your input, into your home, at this early visual stage, is invaluable.

developed design

A developed design will be prepared based on the changes you require from the concept design.

working drawings

A formal set of working drawings (known as the DA set) will be finalised to include information required as part of the Development Application process. These working drawings are the set to take to your builder to arrange a firm quote.

development application

In addition to the working drawings, a DA requires quite a list of documentation. I provide this documentation and submit the D.A. on your behalf.