The Key

It’s easy to accept our homes are hotter in summer and colder in winter. After all, it’s what we’ve grown up with. We simply adjust to each season by changing the wardrobe and switching on the aircon or heater. What you may not realise is, regardless of the seasons, the sun plays the biggest role in how your home reacts to the heat and cold. This ‘reaction’ by your home forces us to react to remain comfortable.

Each block of land is unique, which is why we need to design not only for your needs, but also for the needs of the building itself. For example, your needs may be views, budget and appearance. Whereas the building needs could be, the sun, thermal mass, and ventilation. This is where thoughtful, and considerate building design comes in. It’s about striking the balance to fulfil the needs of the occupants and the building itself.

By using standard materials and labour, a well-designed home doesn’t need to cost more, or in most cases, look any different. The difference will be in your increased comfort levels and general liveability. The building itself won’t need to work as hard to control internal temperatures, which also saves energy.

If I was to put ‘the key’ to better building design down to one thing, I couldn’t. Better building design needs to be viewed from many different angles. In broad terms, it’s about understanding the environment, the needs of the occupants, and how we can bring them together.